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Mergers & Acquisitions

Every merger, acquisition, management buy-in or buy-out is different. A tailor-made approach is key to ensure a successful transaction. Our transaction advisory team gained its expertise through advising both strategic and financial investors in more than 200 transactions over the last decades. They will guide you through the complex arena of a transaction, from the very early start till completion, and even beyond if you wish so through our CFO as a Service proposition.

Our experts provide you the insight you need to close the transaction in a successful way. We do not write lengthy reports, but provide you the right answers and help you to avoid pitfalls and spot opportunities. Our services range from due diligence and arranging finance to hands-on support during your negotiations. We provide the expertise and professionalism of a big-four firm, but always with the personal touch of a boutique.



Your business is doing well, but you feel that there is room for improvement. But how?

Our experts are masters in understanding the true value drivers behind your business and re-mapping the key aspects of these value drivers in such way that you optimise your business and enable room for further growth. This can be achieved by optimising your financial structure or cash flow generation, but also through obtaining additional funding to accelerate the growth of your business.

Business Meeting


In order to grow your business in a successful way, it is key to have a clear short term as well as long term strategy. To complete your strategic planning, you need to understand the risks associated with your operations and business environment. 


The risk management specialists in our team are best placed to assist you in translating the risks and opportunities into a strategic plan tailored for your business.

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Your business has grown significantly over the last few years. Your finance is well organised, but you miss the expertise of a CFO. A sparring partner with deep financial knowledge and experience. However, the budget does not allow a full-time CFO with the right credentials.


Binq offers you the right solution: a CFO as a service. The broad  expertise of binq combined in one person, dedicated to your business for a few days a month and when required on a full time basis for that special project. Expertise that's normally available to large corporations, but at a cost that fits your budget and fulfils your needs.

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